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Canadian Patient Safety Institute
2016-17 Annual Report

The Canadian Patient Safety Institute is passionate about safer care for all Canadians. Improving patient safety requires everyone’s involvement. We invite you to explore our Annual Report to learn more about the amazing work in patient safety quality improvement that is happening across the country.


2016-17: By the Numbers

The By-the-numbers infographics recap our major milestones and key accomplishments in reducing preventable harm and improving safety in healthcare. Check out these infographics for insights on how to inspire safer care.


of all hospitalizations in Canada involve at least one occurrence of harm
(138,000 of 2.5 million hospital stays CIHI, 2014-15)


people reached through SHIFT to Safety launch


impressions of #ASKLISTENTALK during Canadian Patient Safety Week

CPSI Board photo 2016-17

Board and CEO Message

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Watch our Board and CEO video introduction to the Canadian Patient Safety Institute 2016-17 Annual Report, which provides a snapshot of our achievements and the growing impact on patient safety.

Canadian Patient Safety Institute Board of Directors
(Left to right) Back row: Cathy Morton-Bielz, Marcel Saulnier, Hélène Vaillancourt, Louise Simard, Mark Wyatt, Dr. Blair O’Neill, Dr. Alan Casson, Doug Hughes, and Nancy Roberts. Front row: Susan Mumme (Past Chair), Emily Musing, Ronald Guse (Vice-Chair), Chris Power (CEO), Dr. Brian Wheelock (Chair), and Suzanne Bisaillon. Missing from the photo: Dr. Donna Murnaghan and Jillian Paul


Collaboration and
Shared Leadership


Through spearheading the National Patient Safety Consortium and the development of an Integrated Patient Safety Strategy, the Canadian Patient Safety Institute has united its efforts with a wide range of stakeholders in advancing a common patient safety agenda. In this section, read about the advancements in surgical care safety, medication safety, home care safety, infection prevention and control, and patient safety education.

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Partnering with
Patients and Families


When patients and healthcare providers partner effectively, the results are powerful. In this section, learn more about patient engagement and how Patients for Patient Safety Canada is working towards their mission of Every Patient Safe.

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Sharing and Learning


The Canadian Patient Safety Institute connects the public, providers and leaders so that they can learn, share and implement interventions that are known to reduce avoidable harm. Read this section for information on Global Patient Safety Alerts, and Measuring Patient Harm in Canadian Hospitals.

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Connecting with the Public, Providers and Leaders

SHIFT to Safety gives you the tools and resources you need to keep patients safe, whether you are a member of the public, a provider, or a leader. This source for patient safety, together with a measuring and monitoring of safety framework are two programs highlighted in this section to help make safety a priority while navigating the healthcare system.

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Leadership in Patient
Safety Education


The Canadian Patient Safety Institute has made significant gains in patient safety awareness and knowledge through its educational programs and initiatives. Updates on the Patient Safety Education Program – Canada, ASPIRE, Effective Governance for Quality and Patient Safety, Patient Safety and Incident Management, and Safety Competencies can be found here.

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Celebrating Patient Safety


Last year, the Canadian Patient Safety Institute led the most successful Canadian Patient Safety Week ever to promote best practices in patient safety. This section recaps how social media platforms were used to celebrate Canadian Patient Safety Week and STOP! Clean Your Hands Day.

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