By the Numbers

The Canadian Patient Safety Institute is proud of its many accomplishments recorded over the past year. Here is a snapshot of some of the stats and facts that have made an impact on enhancing safer care. Take a look at these numbers!

Web and Social Media


page views on the Canadian Patient Safety Institute website


PDF resources downloaded


email campaigns promoted

242,868 visits to the Canadian Patient Safety Institute website

109,447 social media interactions on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and other platforms

31,209 YouTube views totaling an estimated 105,740 minutes of viewing time

645,255 emails sent to up to 10,600 stakeholders

14,043,518 impressions of #ASKLISTENTALK during Canadian Patient Safety Week (5,008 original tweets from 1,422 participants)

1,628 research reports downloaded from Canadian Patient Safety Institute website

SHIFT to Safety


page views of www.shifttosafety.com


attendees at four SHIFT to Safety webinars


views of SHIFT to Safety videos by the public, providers and leaders

3,418,041 people reached through the SHIFT to Safety launch

534 unique views of the Facebook Live event

11,740 impressions of #SHIFTtoSafety launch (4% engagement rate)

1,849 page views of www.shifttosafety.com on launch day; 2:58 minutes average duration

Integrated Patient Safety Action Plan

39 of 77

actions of the Integrated Patient Safety Action Plan are complete


downloads of Am I Safe?

18 actions of the Integrated Patient Safety Action Plan are underway and 20 are scheduled to start later this year

177 academics and clinical educators participating in the Patient Safety Education Network

1,351 page views of Am I Safe? supporting conversations about patient safety in the home

Patient Engagement


policies, strategies, programs and campaigns reviewed by PFPSC members

37 PFPSC members hold the unique WHO Patient Safety Champion designation

36 presentations at 13 events where PFPSC members shared their stories

417 participants attended 4 learning sessions for patients and providers led by PFPSC

Sharing and Learning


page views of Global Patient Safety Alert summaries


page views of the Hospital Harm Improvement Resource

15,914 page views of resources and 1,011 outbound links to resources from the Patient Safety and Incident Management Toolkit

1,300 alerts and 6,400 recommendations from 26 contributing organizations worldwide provided for Global Patient Safety Alerts (GPSA)

11,290 page views of GPSA program pages and alerts; views from more than 100 countries around the world

1,965 views of GPSA full alerts and 4,924 page views of GPSA summaries (40% conversion rate)

420 organizations signed up for the Measuring Patient Harm in Canadian Hospitals virtual announcement

2,647 PDF downloads of the analytical report, Measuring Patient Harm in Canadian Hospitals

412 participants attended two webinars on the Vincent Framework for Measuring and Monitoring Safety

8 teams participated in the Home Care Safety Falls Prevention Collaborative – Wave Two

8 presentations, keynote addresses and panel discussions at provincial and national conferences, symposiums and forums with over 7,000 delegates



participants at 99 learning sessions


new patient safety trainers certified


participants have completed the in-person hybrid and online Canadian Patient Safety Officer Course

7 Patient Safety Education Program – Canada conferences; 44 organizations across the country participated

40 participants attended the Advancing Safety for Patients in Residency Education (ASPIRE) educational session

40 participants attended the Canadian Patient Safety Officer Course

108 participants in four sessions of the Effective Governance for Quality and Patient Safety (EGQPS) program

500 participants attended 22 independent sessions of the EGQPS program delivered by HUB partners

96% of EGQPS participants said learning objectives were met, and 92% of participants gained new knowledge related to governance for quality and patient safety

40 participants from Atlantic Canada attended a pilot in-person education session on incident management; 97% said they would recommend the session to others

Celebrating Patient Safety


Canadian Patient Safety Week registrants


questions posted on social media for Questions Saves campaign


copies of Hands in Healthcare magazine distributed

2,000 Canadian Patient Safety Week (CPSW) promotional packages distributed

92% of CPSW survey respondents indicated that the theme Questions Save Lives was effective

2 patient safety quizzes taken 6,400 times by patients and providers

2,322 patient and provider video views with 14,000 minutes watched during Canadian Patient Safety Week

4,269,408 impressions of #ASKLISTENTALK during one-hour of engagement in the Twitter Talk Event (1,014 tweets from 154 participants)

748 sites registered for STOP! Clean Your Hands Day 2016; 978 promotional packages distributed

726,603 impressions of #PledgeCleanHands from 193 participants (338 original tweets on May 5, 2016)